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Well, here goes nothing guys. This is my first post in LJ.
I figured it should be something that would give you all a little insight into me.
Nothing too personal, as I like to retain an air/heir? of mystery, but something about me nonetheless. 

If there is one thing every person should know about me, it is that I love television. Actually, love probably isn't a strong enough word. Obsessed maybe. Yes, obsessed. I am obsessed with television :) 

The truth is, I find fictional characters far less disappointing than the people I actually know.
And I find their lives far more intriguing than my own. 

I've decided that my first few posts will all deal with a particular show that is very special to me.
I guess I'm treating this as more of a blog than a journal, huh?
Oh well, whatevs.
[oh, you should also know I say whatevs. instead of whatever]
[and that I have an affinity for commas, and don't always use them correctly :) ]

Read on if you please :D

First on my list is probably the show dearest to my heart, for reasons unknown...
ABC Daytime Drama General Hospital !

"I've been watching General Hospital for about six or seven years now. I think..?
Truth is, I am a horrible judge of time. I'm convinced I have some sort of time distortion device in my brain. Sometimes days feel like years and sometimes years feel like days.
Anyways, I started watching GH when I was on Christmas break one year in middle school. My mother happened to be home too and she was on the couch falling asleep (as usual, but that's a whole different thang). I decided to stay up and watch whatever she had been watching. Turns out, it was All My Children. I preceded to watch the rest of AMC, then OLTL (that's One Life to Live for all you non-daytime fans) and then GH. (This is probably where my love/loyalty with ABC soaps started.) I watched them everyday for the rest of the break too. General Hospital was a fast favorite. To me, it was the best. It had the best actors, characters, and storylines. I also thought it was the most realistic [yes, I am using that term loosely].
I also remembered it from when I was little. My mom used to watch GH on a regular basis and I can remember a select few moments from back then, especially in Luke&Laura history. Why Luke&Laura you ask? Well you see, little me had a crush on Jonathan Jackson and he played Lucky, their son. Hell, he was Lucky. [Sorry, Greg Vaughan.][You're still hot ;) ] 

My love affair with GH has been going strong since that fateful break. GH is a wonderful show. honestly, it is. It may not be number one in the ratings anymore, but I would say it definitely has the number one fans in daytime. Meaning it ranks number one in popularity.
It has gone downhill the last few years. I can admit that, no matter how hard it is to say. As a passionate fan, I myself have a list of complaints.I could sit here and list them for you, but I wont. I could go on a tirade about Bob Guza and all the evil thoughts I've had about him, but I wont. Because like I said, GH is a wonderful show. And I will always ALWAYS defend it. No matter what.
Don't let my short time of watching it fool you. I know a lot about its past. I pride myself on that. I do my research, I know my backstories. It's important to know those things when watching a soap opera. I like knowing those things.

Instead, I've decided to tell you the things that have meant the most to me during my 6/7 years watching it.

Here goes nothing...

*JaSam---what's a JaSam you ask? Well my darlings, a JaSam is a beautifully written, amazingly gorgeous, awesomely portrayed daytime supercouple! It consists of one Jason Morgan and one Sam McCall ( portrayed by two little lovelies named Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco). JaSam is my favorite fictional couple EVER. We're talking from General Hospital--to all of daytime-- to all of primetime,--to all of television-- to all of the silver screen-- to all of the books ever written--to all of any couple ever written. Now I know you're thinking that's a little extreme, right? Uh-Uh. if you knew me personally, you would know how important they are to me. 
They were the first couple I ever got to watch evolve on daytime. [That's how I always put it-evolve.It sounds imprtant, epic]. And for that reason alone, even if they had been disasterous, they would still hold a special place in my heart.
I got to watch them go from hating each other, to needing each other, to wanting each other, to loving each other. All in real time. 
Daytime moves pretty quickly these days and unfortunately, a lot of "true love" couples get rushed along. But they weren't. Their journey was beautiful. They were beautiful, simply put.
Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco's chemistry was unmatched. It jumped off the screen. You felt everything they did. Sometimes with just a look. She made him smile and laugh. They made each other more than they were. They were perfect.
They may have been torn apart in horrible fashion, but they were together in the most sensational way. The time they had together was special. And I miss them.

Dillon&Georgie--sigh. I miss them too. It's funny, I saw their first meeting, their first kiss, but somewhere-somehow along the way, I missed the beginning of their relationship. I guess it was just meant to be though. 
They were the couple I could relate to. They were young, I was young. Georgie was a little homely less sensational than Maxie, but beautiful all her own. She was smart and sweet and funny. She was generous and caring. She was genuine. Dillon was a bit quirky, a bit off beat. He lived in movies, he lived in his head. He was a loner [maybe its Dillon I relate too..] 
Georgie loved Dillon 1,000 percent and he loved her back ten fold. I still say their quicky marriage in the face of death was their downfall, but I don't care. At least they had a marriage. At least they were happy for a long time.
[I will not comment on the status of D&G now, as it is still too painful...sniff sniff...]

Panic Room-- Panic Room? That doesn't sound like a very good shipper name.. HAHA!It's not!
~We interrupt your regularly scheduled shipper list to bring you a favorite storyline~
Ah, yes. This is probably my favorite storyline I've seen play out on GH [MetroCourt crisis being a very,very close second].
Ric Lansing, a certified crazy ass, kidnapped Carly Corinthos (his sister-in-law mind you) in the hopes of stealing her baby (his nephew) and giving it to his wife who suffered a miscarriage of their child.
Where does the panic room fit in.
Oh, he just had one built in his house and then chained Carly to the wall in it so she couldn't escape! Yeah, I KNOW!
I'm not  a sadist I swear. I t was just so crazy, so over the top, so soapy! I LOVED IT.
Also, it was before I started reading soap magazines and the internet for spoilers. So everyday, I was on the edge of my seat as to when she would be rescued! It was amazing!
Unfortunately, GH ruined it by having her transfered from one kidnapper to another, having her fall in love with said kidnapper, then having her husband shoot said kidnapper in the head while he was delivering their child, and having the bullet go through her head too!!!!!]
[Oh, and they got that bitch Courtney involved. AKA, the character I hate the most in the entire world!!!!]
[I like to pretend the last two parentheses never happened though :D]

Maxie Jones--the love of my life you say? Okay, I'm willing to put that on a T-Shirt and wear it around..
Maxie was a background character when I started watching. Her portrayer wasn't that great and they hadn't moved her into full on mean girl territory yet. She had some significant storylines, but I was all about Georgie.
But then the light shone through. Or Guza had a day off (as this is too awesome to be allowed by him).
And they cast none other than Zenon herself--Kirsten Storms! Great day for GH. Amazing day!!! I love Maxie Jones and that is just a fact! I have defended her through everything.
-Sleeping with a married man? Check!
-Providing said married man pills to feed his addiction? Check!
-Faking a pregnancy (with a pillow) to hold on to said married man ? Check!
Me and this girl been through it. And I'll defend her to every hater out there! Plus, she's part of the future. The future you say? HUH?What is this future you speak of?
 Oh honey, keep reading..

Spixie-- Hope, Future, Love, Amazingness, Awesomeness.
Those are just 5 adjectives I could describe Spixie with.
Spixie is the love union between Damien Spinelli (portrayed effortlessly by Bradford Anderson) and Maxie Jones. He is a computer geek, she is a beauty. She is his Maximista, he is her best friend.
Honestly, they are the one thing that keeps me holding onto GH these days. They are amazing. They are unique. They are not rushed!!! They are the future I tell you. THE FUTURE!!!
[What lays in this future you beckon? OhI have it all planned out... They get married. Spinelli becomes full on Jackal PI, Maxie a fierce wedding planner. They have a daughter named Georgie and a son named Jason Malcolm. Planned. PLANNED).


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