November 29th, 2008

Maxie bitch please

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Well, here goes nothing guys. This is my first post in LJ.
I figured it should be something that would give you all a little insight into me.
Nothing too personal, as I like to retain an air/heir? of mystery, but something about me nonetheless. 

If there is one thing every person should know about me, it is that I love television. Actually, love probably isn't a strong enough word. Obsessed maybe. Yes, obsessed. I am obsessed with television :) 

The truth is, I find fictional characters far less disappointing than the people I actually know.
And I find their lives far more intriguing than my own. 

I've decided that my first few posts will all deal with a particular show that is very special to me.
I guess I'm treating this as more of a blog than a journal, huh?
Oh well, whatevs.
[oh, you should also know I say whatevs. instead of whatever]
[and that I have an affinity for commas, and don't always use them correctly :) ]

Read on if you please :D

First on my list is probably the show dearest to my heart, for reasons unknown...
ABC Daytime Drama General Hospital !

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